Weatherproof, permanent and colorful outdoor ping pong tables.
The new standard for active community spaces.


A contemporary, urban ICON with industrial strength.

  • 690lbs steel
  • choice of colorway
  • designed for all spaces*
  • fixed net
  • permanent installation
  • 9’ x 5’ x 2.5’


POPP Customers + Collaborators

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Ping Pong Placemaking

POPP outdoor ping pong tables breathe life into public and private spaces through ping pong, vibrant colors, artwork, physical activity and social connectivity - we call it Ping Pong Placemaking.
Together with other placemaking and community-building strategies, POPP tables help create authentic, active and engaging outdoor spaces that generate real and measurable value for communities.

Increases nearby property values by up to 22%*1
$1 of investment in public space equates to $20.84 worth of economic benefit*2
Fosters inter-community connectivity and cultivates long-term engagement
Reduces crime and violence rates and creates safer places to play and relax*3
When inactive adults become active, $76.6bn of potential healthcare savings emerge*4
Attractive communities are where people want to live, work and play*5
Increases views and place visitation from Google maps through 'places of interest'.
Creates destination place 'hubs'. (FYI - on average approximately 2 POPP tables are ordered per location in Australia.)



1 Trust for Public Land, "Measuring the Economic Value of a City Park System," April 2009 2 National Institute of Justice, “Disorder in Urban Neighborhoods - Does It Lead To Crime?”, February 2001. 3 Trust For Public Land, “Economic Benefit Reports”. 4 Medibank Private, "The Cost of Physical Activity. What is the Lack of Participation in Physical Activity Costing Australia?", August 2007. 5 UN Habitat, "For a Better Urban Future"

Health + Fitness

Ping pong is both a brain game and incredibly physical. Featuring a fast-paced mix of aerobics, strategy and hand-eye coordination, ping pong combines both physical and mental exercise to achieve the ultimate in health and fitness.

To dive a little deeper, outdoor ping pong delivers in leaps and bounds:


Being a part of a social community that is not defined by age, gender or class improves your mental health and wellbeing.

For young people, at the critical growth stage in their motor learning and development, ping pong helps develop neuromuscular skill, conditioned reflexes and prolonged concentration.

Anticipating your opponent's shot engages the prefrontal cortex - a part of the brain used for strategic planning and decision making.

Increased evidence supports a link between playing ping pong and the prevention or reduction of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

The aerobic exercise of ping pong stimulates the hippocampus - the part of your brain responsible for forming and retaining long-term facts and information.

Increasing the flow of blood to your brain increases your motor skills and cognitive awareness.

Playing ping pong develops mental acuity, alertness, concentration and tactical strategy.

Rallies and practice improves your hand-eye coordination, balance and reflexes.

The low-impact but physical nature of ping pong improves leg, arm and core strength without the high risk of injuries.

The bursts of exertion and recovery in ping pong burns plenty of calories.



1 Trust for Public Land, "Measuring the Economic Value of a City Park System," April 2009 2 National Institute of Justice, “Disorder in Urban Neighborhoods - Does It Lead To Crime?”, February 2001. 3 Trust For Public Land, “Economic Benefit Reports”. 4 Medibank Private, "The Cost of Physical Activity. What is the Lack of Participation in Physical Activity Costing Australia?", August 2007. 5 UN Habitat, "For a Better Urban Future"


        "There is a lot going on in table tennis - attention is increasing, memory is increasing, you have a better mood. And you're building motor circuits in your brain."

Dr Wendy Suzuki, Professor of Neural Science and Psychology, New York University

DIY Artwork

In 2010, POPP pioneered the concept of Public Playable Art. Since then, 'artworked' POPP tables have generated a multitude of benefits for communities. Designed for DIY (Do It Yourself) Artwork, the HERO and ICON tables can have original work, typography, contrasting block colours or patterns, logos or slogans applied to their surfaces.
DIY Artwork is applied or coordinated by the customer onsite after delivery, through local artists, inhouse designers or signwriters. All relevant information, guidelines and checklists for DIY Artwork preperation and application are included in the DIY Artwork Guidelines - available on request.

POPP Table Locations

Join our growing community of local ping pong spaces across America.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY
Jack London Square, CA
Nike World Headquarters, OR
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, TX
UCI Research Park, CA
The Artisan, NY
One Essex Crossing, NY
Cupertino City Center, CA
Park Point, CA
800 North Brand, CA
888 North Douglas, CA
Texas Instruments, AZ
Riverside BMO Park, IL
Banner Health - Alzheimer's Institute, AZ
California State University Northridge, CA
California State University San Bernardino, CA
Parasol Park, CA
University of Kentucky, KY
MathWorks, MA
Lehigh University, PA
UC Riverside North District, CA
Plaza Verde | UCI Student Housing, CA
UCSD - North Torrey Pines Living & Learning Neighborhood, CA
University Of Wisconsin, WI
South Seattle College Wellness Center, WA
Angelo State University, TX
Northwest Commons Park – University District Playground, AB
Ringling College of Art and Design, FL
J Malden Center, MA
Texas Instruments - South Campus, TX
One Arts Plaza, TX
Alexan CTR City, CA
Neon Local, CO
Walnut Creek Intermediate School, CA
Boulevard, CA
Webster Eleven Apartments, CA
Zephyr Apartments, BC
Fox Tech Center, AZ
The Standard at Legacy, TX
Altitude Apartments, CA
The Eddy, NJ
Hub On Gainesville, FL
555 Aviation, CA
Royal Oak Centennial Commons Park, IL
Novel Rio Apartments, AZ
The Duchess, NJ
The View on High, OH
L Seven Apartments, CA
Callaway House Apartments, OK
Tupelo Alley, OR
German Town Apartments, TN
The Lowrie, NC
AVA Esterra Park, WA
The Harrison, NJ
Nancy Ridge, CA
9001 Cypress Waters Blvd, TX
Oak Creek Business Center, CA
Kerr Park, OK
Novel Lucerne, FL
Montford Recreation Center, NC
Andrada Polytechnic High School, AZ
Beach Suites Hotel, Cayman Islands
City of Olean, NY
MDL Irvine, CA
Palisade at Westfield UTC, CA
Hub On Campus West Lafayette -State St, IN
Stadium Center - Tallahassee Student Housing, FL
Iowa City Parks, IA
Avalon Walnut Creek, CA
Rivue Apartments, CA
295J Apartments, NJ
Pioneer Park, WA
Sandy BLVD, OR
The Addison Apartments, CA
Continental Towers, IL
9111 Cypress Waters Blvd, TX
Prairie Creek Park, IN
Oliv Tucson Apartments, AZ
Ovation at Riverwalk, NJ
23rd & Jackson, WA
Park & Paseo, CA
Spectrum Court, CA
Union on Fletcher, FL
Uncommon Auburn Apartments, AL
Greensboro Hall, FL
The James Champaign, IL
Millennium South Bay Apartments, CA
Avalon Brea Place, CA
City of Santa Clara, CA
Vero Apartments, MA
Modera San Diego Apartments, CA
Union on 6th, AZ
Del Mar Plaza, CA
Aero Apartments, CA
Town & Country, CA
The Benton, CA
Vance Apartments, CA
Sugar Land Memorial Park, TX
Epicenter at Agritopia, AZ
Willow Tree Apps, VA
Silver Spring Park, MD
Southern Park Mall, OH
City of Wheaton, IL
Alexandra Park, BC
The Dahlia, CA
The Charlie Mar Vista, CA
Encore Motif, TX
555 Larkin Street Apartments, CA
Las Terrazas Apartments, CA
City Creek Landing, UT
Edith Throckmorton Neighborhood Park, MD
Greater Easton Development Partnership, PA
Wexler Student Housing, CA
Aventine at Sweetwater Springs, CA
Jordan Downs, CA
Nexton Midtown Amenity Center, SC
Alexan NOHO, CA
Freeman Plaza West, NY
Education First, CA
Ojai Arts Center, CA
NINE88 Apartments, CA
Kind West Apartments, CA
Aspen Heights Riverside, TX
Wagon Wheel Parks, CA
Hollywood Park Retail, CA
The Trails at Canyon Creek, TX
The Parks at Walter Reed, DC
Critter Crossroads Park, CA


A new vision for our flagship outdoor table tennis table.
Aluminum, assembled on site and designed for any location.

Now available for preorder - with all orders shipping in August 2024.

THE HEROair is a registered design of Public Outdoor PTY LTD.

The HEROair by POPP is a patented aluminum outdoor table tennis table designed for public parks, rooftop gardens and everywhere in between.

Built to last by the pioneers of outdoor ping pong, the HEROair is assembled with tamper-proof stainless steel fasteners and 4x secure anchoring points.


  • Flat-packed for efficient and economic domestic delivery
  • Permanent and weatherproof
  • DIY Artwork ready
  • Net integrated 3 table tennis ball holder
  • Renowned handmade build quality
  • Engineer-certified and backed by our 5+2 year warranty


  • 420lbs welded and secure-fastened aluminium
  • 9. 9' x 5' x 2.5'
  • Industrial, exterior-rated yellow powder coat finish
  • 4x secure anchoring footings
  • Tamper-proof stainless steel fasteners


A contemporary, urban outdoor ping pong table, the ICON is a striking picture of design and strength.
With a sophisticated, modern aesthetic, the lighter ICON table exhibits supreme strength in its pyramidal space frame construction. Offering both form and function, the ICON is a multi-faceted placemaking feature for any location.

THE ICON TABLE is a registered design of Public Outdoor PTY LTD.

  • 700lbs steel
  • Registered and protected IP design
  • Welded and secure fastened
  • Rigid frame structure with solid steel round bar
  • Fixed net and equiptment holder (for racquets and balls)
  • Powder coated, UV rated surface treatment
  • Classic or Custom Colorways available
  • All-weather, all-year-round use
  • 8x securing footings for anchoring
  • Delivered in a protective wooden crate for self-assembly
  • Manufactured to International Table Tennis Federation table specifications

ICON Colorways

Choose from the Classic or Custom Color Ranges below for the table top.
(Frame and net color is supplied in Black Super Durable as standard.) *Please note additional charges apply for the Custom Colors marked below.
*Please note colors shown are representative only and may vary on finished tables.

Selected Colorway:

Table Top:
Net: Black Super Durable 60% Gloss
Frame: Black Super Durable 60% Gloss

Classic Colorways

Custom Colorways*

Our tables outlast the competition for 12 very good reasons...

1. Californian Made

The ICON table is manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

2. Steel For Optimum Durability + Playability

Steel provides the ultimate playing surface (no chipped or degrading concrete here) and the strongest tables under the sun.

3. Choice of Colors

Choose a Classic or Custom Colorway from the POPP Color 1 Ranges, because you can.

4. Fixed Steel Net + Equipment Holder

For spontaneous play, all-day accessibility and the ultimate in durability, each ICON table includes a fixed steel net and equipment holder for racquets and balls.

5. All-Weather Surface Treatment

Industrial standard, exterior surface treatments and materials makes the ICON table ready for any and all weather. (We take our lead from the surface treatments on offshore oil rigs.)

6. Permanent Outdoor Application

The ICON is made for year-round use, permanent installation and all weather and climatic conditions. Say goodbye to fold-away tables, forever.

7. Critically Acclaimed Design

The ICON table has received numerous furniture and placemaking accolades for its minimal, modern design and effective place activations.

8. Simple Self-Assembly + Anchoring

All POPP tables are securable (with anchoring footings). The ICON table requires partial assembly by the customer - a simple 1-2 hour process.

9. 9' x 5' x 2.5' H

The ICON table is competition size and meets the International Table Tennis Federation specifications. Whether it’s a casual game or training for the Olympics, one size fits all.

10. DIY Artwork Ready

The ICON table is the perfect canvas for community-led DIY Artwork. Transform your table into a unique work of art on site with our DIY Artwork Guidelines.

11. Protective Packaging

Receive your ICON table with confidence in our custom protective wooden crate.

12. 5 Year Structural + 2 Year Surface Treatment Warranty*

The ICON table is backed by our 5 + 2 year limited warranty.

Weatherproof, permanent and colorful outdoor table tennis tables for American schools.
        Changing the game with fun and inclusive physical activity for every student.

The most popular outdoor ping pong table in schools - for a few good reasons...

  1. Locally made in California 
  2. Choice of colors
  3. A permanent and weatherproof playground feature
  4. DIY Artwork ready
  1. Renowned POPP build quality
  2. Engineer-certificate and backed by the 5+2 year warranty
  3. The trusted choice in outdoor table tennis since 2010

"The tables will last a long time and they look good. Easy to clean and absolutely solid - teenage boy proof!"

- Rebecca Hoad, Coordinator of Academic Administration, Saint Ignatius' College Riverview
"The POPP table has been fantastic for the students, they are often using it after school as well as during recess and lunch time. My only issue is that it looks like I need to buy at least two more to cater for the demand."

- David Caught, Assistant Principal, Hallam Senior College
"We had a lot of fold up tables spread across ... our large campus, but their capacity to stand up to the level of use and exposure to the elements was pretty limited. The POPP tables not only honoured the students' interest by offering a long-term commitment to the facilities they needed, they also gave us a more robust option as well as a really visually appealing addition to our built environment."

- Adam Pengelly, Associate Principal, Shenton College (9x HERO tables and counting)
"The table is a great asset to our playground and is enjoyed by our students each lunchtime and by the 170 students who attend after school care each day."

- Angela Helsloot, Principal, Allambie Heights Public School
"[The tables have] created a place to socialise ... during lunch and even after school. The accepted Applecross rule is playing first to three points ... winner stays on. This gives quick and rapid change overs so that everyone gets a turn to play. With the addition of two new tables, it has definitely given more people the opportunity to participate. I can see that it has brought lots of joy for a lot of people in our school!"

- Andrew Lim, Deputy Head Boy, Applecross Senior High Schoool (4x HERO tables and counting)

Why is outdoor table tennis a hit in schools?
Because playing outdoor table tennis makes students healthier, happier and more productive. It offers...

Spontaneous Active Play
POPP outdoor ping pong tables are weatherproof and permanent for year-round use. Their fixed net and equipment holder (for racquets and balls) provide opportunities for spontaneous active play and unstructured recreation before, during and after school.
A Mind Booster
Outdoor ping pong is both inherently physical and a brain game. For students, it might feel like a fun break from the classroom - but the game develops hand-eye coordination, balance and mental alertness - and this means better neuromuscular skill and decision making, increased concentration (back in the classroom and improved tactical strategy for players.
Exercise in Disguise
Ping pong is infectiously fun - 800 million players worldwide agree! But it’s also a sport that is deceptively physical - think bursts of energy, aerobic exercise, improved reflexes and increased core strength.
For the Sporty + Not-So-Sporty
Ping pong is universally enjoyed. At the heart of its appeal is a ‘pick up and play’ simplicity - where age, ability and skill level are no barrier to having a game. Add to that - it’s a low impact sport without a high risk of injuries.
No Gender Boundaries
While ping pong is played in nearly as many countries as soccer(!), its small table size and light racquets create a level playing field across genders. This is a game where power is matched equally by creativity, spin and tactics - and positive, social interactions are par for the course.

Want more out of your POPP table? The ICON table has been designed as a canvas for DIY Artwork

Create an engaging space with an artworked table tennis table. Whether you work with an art class for a truly school-driven active art piece, commission a local artist or apply the school motto or emblem, artwork can be applied to the surface of your POPP table.

Email us for a copy of our DIY Artwork Guidelines.

For more information or to request a quote, please email

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