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ICON is a durable, powder coated steel ping pong table designed
for permanent outdoor application and DIY artwork.


Strong, Beautiful + Made By Hand

What Our Customers
Are Saying...

– Karen W Finance Officer
Perth Modern School
– Tina C Head of Boarding
St Mary's Anglican School for Girls
– Andrew L Deputy Head Boy
Applecross Senior High School
– Rebel H President
Blacktown Lions Club
– David C Assistant Principal
Hallam Senior College
– Angela H Principal
Allambie Heights Public School

More than just an
outdoor ping pong table

The ICON combines the game of ping pong, color and the storytelling of artwork and the value of placemaking to create a prized feature in any outdoor space.

Health + Fitness

Ping pong (or table tennis) is both a brain game and incredibly physical. Featuring a fast-paced mix of aerobics, strategy and hand-eye coordination, ping pong combines both physical and mental exercise to achieve the ultimate in health and fitness.

How? The speed, spin and placement of the ball requires players to have gross and fine muscle movements. While the constancy and repetition of a rally and the tactical strategies inherent in the game keeps their brain sharp, body agile and blood pumping!

To dive a little deeper, outdoor ping pong delivers in leaps and bounds – for your mind and body.


  • 1
    Being a part of a social community that is not defined by age, gender or class improves your mental health and wellbeing.
  • 2
    For young people, at the critical growth stage in their motor learning and development, ping pong helps develop neuromuscular skill, conditioned reflexes and prolonged concentration.
  • 3
    Anticipating your opponent's shot engages the prefrontal cortex - a part of the brain used for strategic planning and decision making.
  • 4
    Increased evidence supports a link between playing ping pong and the prevention or reduction of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
  • 5
    The aerobic exercise of ping pong stimulates the hippocampus - the part of your brain responsible for forming and retaining long-term facts and information.
  • 6
    Increasing the flow of blood to your brain increases your motor skills and cognitive awareness.
  • 7
    Playing ping pong develops mental acuity, alertness, concentration and tactical strategy.
  • 8
    Rallies and practice improves your hand-eye coordination, balance and reflexes.
  • 9
    The low-impact but physical nature of ping pong improves leg, arm and core strength without the high risk of injuries.
  • 10
    The bursts of exertion and recovery in ping pong burns plenty of calories.

DIY Artwork

Every superhero has their origin story and POPP’s began in 2010 when pioneering a concept of Public Playable Art. Using an iconic table design, POPP recognized that ‘artworked’ outdoor ping pong tables created a multitude of cultural, place, social and economic benefits for communities.

Designed for DIY (Do It Yourself) Artwork, the icon packs a placemaking punch. Artwork that can be applied on the table tops includes original work, typography, contrasting block colors, patterns, logos and slogans, to name a few.

DIY Artwork is applied or coordinated by the customer on site after delivery.

The DIY Artwork options available to customers and all relevant information, guidelines and steps for DIY Artwork preparation and application are included in the DIY Artwork Information document – available on request.


To see more DIY Artwork, follow us on Instagram


Beyond its eye-catching aesthetic, the ICON breathes life into community and urban spaces through color, art, activity and connectivity. Since 2010, POPP has partnered with its customers to create authentic, active and engaging outdoor spaces and in doing so, is generating real and measurable economic and social value for communities.

‘Ping Pong Placemaking’ with the ICON is an investment in the physical form
of a ping pong-led space – with proven ROI.

Proof of the value of placemaking is in the playing (and the numbers):

  • Increase nearby property values by up to 22%*1

  • Reduce crime and violence rates and create safer places to play and relax*2

  • $1 of investment in public space equates to $20.84 worth of economic benefit*3

  • When inactive adults become active, $76.6bn of potential healthcare savings emerge*4

  • Foster inter-community connectivity and cultivate long-term engagement

  • Attractive communities are where people want to live, work and play


1. How long does it take to get a table?

POPP seeks to deliver tables within 6-8 weeks from time of order.

2. How are tables delivered?

Every POPP table is manufactured locally in our US workshop to meet our exacting and tested standards. Delivery is then organized and managed by POPP from our workshop to your site. Deliveries of POPP tables are designed to be easy, fast and completed in one stage.

3. What is the cost of delivery?

All tables are freighted from our US workshop. The cost of delivery is $495 per table for metropolitan deliveries. For regional, remote or isolated locations please contact info@popp.world or your local sales representative for a delivery quote.

4. Can you move the tables?

POPP tables are designed for permanent outdoor installation. They can be moved or repositioned on occasion if landscaping, redevelopment or other events so require it (unlike concrete tables which can only be demolished), however the tables are not of the 'fold-away' variety.

5. What is an ideal place for a POPP table?

POPP and outdoor ping pong have found their home in a variety of urban landscapes. As a result, we work with a diverse array of communities and spaces which means every placement is different. However, there are certain features that add to, enable or complement the placement of a POPP table including seating, lighting, a good playing surface and nearby amenities.

6. What are ideal playing surfaces?

POPP tables are predominantly installed on pre-existing surfaces including concrete, asphalt, crushed granite, crushed limestone, compacted material, paving, pour in place rubber, gravel or clay surfaces.

7. How are POPP tables installed?

The ICON requires assembly and anchoring by the customer and is a simple 1 hour process with the use of the POPP ICON Assembly Instructions.

8. What are the dimensions of a POPP table?

The ICON table conforms to the International Table Tennis Federation specifications: 9' x 5' x 2.5' h.




Sales Representatives

Can’t find a sales representative in your area?

Please email info@popp.world and we will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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